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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Big Race Smile

Dedicated to Kevin & Marci for upcoming races & all those out there who seek their own level of excellence.

Thanks to Lauren Fleshman for the YouTube inspiration

Have you had the knowing?

It’s that moment in the exquisitely strung time leading up to big races, when things have clicked in training & there’s harmony in your thinking, a balance & ease in your build up; a sense of power.

You feel you have full access to your ability & there is a deep calmness born of confidence in your execution skills.

The prospect of the process that automatically culminates in excellence is intoxicatingly inviting – a chance to dance unbridled to your favorite music.

You’d do it alone, unobserved, or in front of thousands, because it would not matter… It is all about being utterly inside your body, totally present to only that second of harmonized movement & being a complete expression of being human in its purest form. It is clearly about being your best because you can be, because it’s the greatest place to be; a symphony in honor of all that is best in all of human kind. This time is gratitude, this time is self-actualization, this time is highest, this time is without wanting, this time is pristine & for nothing more than itself.

This is when you smile; as that final week begins, as you visualize, as you go to bed that final evening, as you toe the start line.

You smile, because you know…

Bobby McGee

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