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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A New Beginning – Bobby McGee Endurance Sports & refresh their web presence

After some fitful efforts in the past & some good-natured ribbing from my colleagues as to the erratic nature of my posts, I am committed to regular blogging from now on. I will rely on you to keep me on track this time please. If you have ideas for future post subjects or comments, feel free to let me know. I look forward to some cyber-communication with all of you who are interested in the subjects that populate my professional world & with those that support my work through Bobby McGee Endurance Sports, or my website My appreciation & good wishes go out to those of you who have been satisfied with the slim web pickings of previous years & still make time to keep up with what I am up to in the field of endurance sports.
This 1st new post celebrates the total reworking of my website & business logo. Many thanks to those of you who had a hand in helping me choose a look & feel that I hope will serve as an effective vehicle for the dissemination of information that has one purpose only – to help you become fulfilled as endurance athletes. Let me know what you think; suggestions welcome. I have been at it since December & as those of you who have websites know this can be a laborious process especially if you are not particularly talented on the web-design side of things. It goes without saying then that it will forever remain a work in progress.
The 3 main areas where I am going to place my most in depth efforts are:
1. Run Training – This will eventually include workout plans, training advice & the offer of customized training plans for specific events, ranging from beginner 5km run guidance to Ironman® training with regards to the marathon run portion. I will continue to assist individuals with the design & execution of training for their specific events. I will also maintain a very small group of athletes that I help with their continual training. I will continue running CEUs throughout 2009 in the US to teach triathletes & triathlon coaches how to best use my new book Run Workouts in a Binder for Runners & Triathletes in my stated mission to help ALL triathletes become better runners off the bike. My intention with this book is to simplify more advanced run training, by demystifying the terminology & providing pace & effort guidelines that are determined through field testing, rather than from tables & guess work
2. Run Biomechanics – This is a field where I have a very high demand & I hope to expand my reach to those individuals & groups who have been unable to attend or meet with me in some way regarding their run form needs. Besides continuing with the USA Triathlon (USAT) coach education courses, group lectures & workshops & my work with individuals, I am now offering more remote access services:
a. The opportunity to send in run video via YouTube, plus some pics, to have them analyzed & receive some suggestions & drills
b. A workbook to aid coaches & training buddies with the process of altering/improving your mechanics (still in the works)
c. And, finally, a run mechanics video that I am putting together with USA Triathlon – hopefully available this fall – the filming has been completed
My manual Running Sports Essentials on Facilitation, Dynamic Warm up Drills; Core Strengthening & Post Exercise Stretching is still be available & will soon be available in a new upgraded version
3. Mental Skills Training – despite amazing advances in the field of sport psychology, it still seems that the average athlete, even the pros, are losing out on great performances because they do not actually train mentally. In the years that I have worked with all levels of athlete it still amazes me that the only athletes that show up for mental skills training, even the Olympians, are those that ALREADY have a great attitude & comprehensive mental racing skills! This year I have been promulgating two themes that I am going to:
· Holding the amateur athlete responsible for their mindset
· Help athletes to be very specific & targeted with their mental development
I will continue to teach coaches the art & science of applying mental skills training with their athletes through my work with both USA Triathlon & the International Triathlon Union (ITU) in coach certification workshops & CEUs. I will still also take on a few individuals & assist with their mental plans for racing. I still firmly believe in the planned, detailed approach to improved performance through the psychological approach put forth in my book Magical Running. I am adding the following offerings:
a. Mental workout plans with evaluation & feedback loops
b. Articles & exercises that the athlete can immediately apply for improved performance
c. In an effort to meet the demands of the more passionate individuals who often want so much more than what I can provide in the public domain, I am considering the offer of a membership to I will either do this as an opportunity for coaches & athletes who coach themselves, or simply to all individuals interested in running & triathlon. Please let me know your thoughts on this – I would like to meet the specific demands of my readership. Through this medium I hope to offer:
· More in-depth articles about the above subjects
· Exercises that accompany these articles through which the athlete can make these tools their own
· Regular webinars
· Regular podcasts
· A member forum through which I will comment, suggest & answer questions
· A member notice board
· And a sign up gift!
For further details watch the new website
Plenty to look forward to, plenty of work for me – so keep me honest & let me know where I can improve.

Compete & Train with Grace, Gratitude & Guts,


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