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Friday, July 17, 2009

Addressing Your Mental Game

Consider that all physical training is in great part a mental exercise through which the ability to do a certain amount of work embues within you the belief that you can race a certain way. This is the only real way to build self-confidence.

Secondly try the following approach: Physical training as a mental exercise is not the process of gaining something that is outside of you, but rather the process of removing that about yourself that is NOT performance. Just like excess weight lowers your VO2 max, & the loss of it increases your VO2 max (& if it's fat your power to weight ratio!), so too the loss of unfitness, through the increase of fitness improves performance. The quality, frequency & quantity of your training instill self-belief. View training as a shedding of limiters - leaving only lean, powerful performance available.

With every workout create a mindset that plays to this. Seek the following:

  • Resilience

  • Mental & emotional endurance

  • Consistency

  • Self belief

  • The ability to play when you train & race

Always show up on the start line with all you have available.

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