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Monday, April 30, 2012

You can run better

It's early season here in the USA I have started the crazy travel schedule again. My thanks to Adam Zucco & his TrainingBible Coaching crew for hosting me again in Chicago - they do a great job. I do an evening lecture for them & then a compact 90min session with groups of six long course athletes. Below is a note I received to my website this morning:

"Hi Bobby, I just wanted to thank you for coming out to Chicago for a great couple of days. I applied what you spoke to me about after the clinic, and saw immediate results... I can't wait to see the changes in the long term as I apply and practice. Specifically, I ran a 2 mile run off a difficult 4 hour effort on the bike... I kept my HR in Zone 2, but dropped my pace by over a minute! 4 days before, during my long run (on full rest) with the same HR restrictions, I was over a min slower on pace. I look forward to the long term journey in making these changes feel more effortless and "natural"... basically undoing years of crap form! ha Thanks again, and have a great week"

It is immensely gratifying to see all levels of triathlete gain benefit from assessing their run form & taking on the process of tweaking it to gain performance benefits.

So keep working on upping the stride rate safely & go fast!

Bobby McGee

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