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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thoughts to launch you into a New Year

Just saw this, this morning:” A man who wants to do something will find a way. Man who doesn’t will find an excuse”. Stephen Dooley.

This points to that damning realization that knowledge does not lead to excellence, but rather a deep knowing (self-belief), needs to be cultivated. In other words the doing is always superseded by the being just as no amount of forethought & rumination can ever replace the growth that takes place in terms of who we become as we strive.

It is in commitment to & trust in a process that we succeed. It matters not in many ways whether that process is correct even to a large extent. Consider that even if an athlete follows a pathway perfectly suited to him & the journey goes without hitch, he will not be prepared to face the fires that must be crossed to achieve that of which he is physically capable & even physically prepared for. Tribulation is the key ingredient, just as the seeking of the perfect pathway is fraught with failure (it MUST be!). Those that ultimately succeed at the highest level settle for good enough; for what is done, not what should or could be done. Those that succeed are those that do not cease from striving just because that perfect pathway is unachievable. The answers lie in the very fact that true endeavor lies in striving continually for the unattainable.

Perfect IS TRULY the enemy of good, thank you Voltaire

This is dedicated to you all continuing onwards as you strive for excellence in endurance activities. Seek not as lost souls, always seeking a better way, but rather as certain that the pathway actually being followed is right. Process, process, process should always be your watchwords. Stay in the moment all the time during training & racing.

Bobby McGee


  1. I love this post Bobby!! Thank you!


  2. As always Bobby you grab the essence of the matter. Thanks for the inspiration!

    TN (as well)

  3. Thank you Bobby. This I can hold onto knowing that I am not suited to long distance running and I will never break any records but I keep on going because it is the pathway that is right. New York I am coming!

  4. Aloha Bobby and Mahalo for sharing these words that ring true in all of life's pursuits....Strive, be on the journey, embrace the tribulations for what they are and don't let the lack of being perfect at anything keep us from moving forward with everything that we value. Miss ya. Come to Hawaii soon.