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Saturday, October 9, 2010

WoW IM WC Hawaii 2010!!!

What a men's & women's race. The run times superb - Craig Alexander runs 2:42 for 4th & still doesn't have the fastest run split! Rinny goes 2:53 in 40*C!! The game has changed again, but the run still wins it. Boy did they ever run this year. Well done Macca - the mouth put his money there; that running around 8-15km was Special with a capital; when Andreas caught him, who'd have thunk that Macca would out duel & out think him. Stride rates were telling & again the higher rates, while still connected, won the day. Those that blew, like poor Mr. Lieto (whaddabike!!), saved total meltdown through maintaining rhythm. Even with her huge power to weight advantage & short stature Carfrae still has a power run at 92 steps per leg per minute. Class acts all around. Nice to see Timmy O there at the end to meet Marinda & gutsy finishes from friends Justin, Andy P, Sam & TJ; well done, the hearts are great, even though the legs departed sooner than you may have liked.


  1. Bobby-
    I recall you mentioned on Gordo's podcast about the correlation between leg speed on the run with leg speed on the bike (high cadence). Did you observe this at this yr's race? Did Macca, Crowie, and Rinny have high turnover on the bike as well?

  2. I watched the race, but did not get data on the bike cadences. They ran beautifully though. I did not see any footage of Crowie though

  3. Great race..Congrats. Keep running..

    --carmelo spyder ski