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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm off! Bobby McGee gets new job in United Arab Emirates

Same skills, different continent - hope I'm up to it!

I have thought about this offer for a long time & in the interests of my business & family have decided to leave beautiful Colorado for (even) warmer climes. It's a 2-year deal through the 2012 Olympics & involves triathlon development at a number of levels with both federational & private involvement. I will still travel extensively & will maintain contact with all my major US stake holders.

I'll miss Boulder & all its beautiful people...

I'll still post a blog or 2 before I leave with all the thank yous & the like.

I believe I'll be able to maintain the blog in a similar fashion, but may have wild & woolly tales from the Far East!

Till next time,

Bobby McGee


  1. contratulations. I saw you speak at the USAT level 1 conference in Santa Monica last Sept. I really enjoyed it, and I often refer your site to clients/runners.

  2. Does the date of this post have any significance?

  3. Cheers on this new journey! Hope your experiences worht the "sacrifice"! Marcos