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Thursday, January 14, 2010

2K10 here we go. Happy New Year

Fitness, fun, competition... Just love the moments & bask in the doing, such blissful silliness.

In so many ways I am the luckiest coach in the world. I have ample work to do. I feel that I still have so much to learn – both a scary & great place to be. I had & still have great mentors. Athletes seem to feel I have something to offer them that will enhance their performances. I absolutely love what I do. I wake up every morning with only one conundrum – how to fit it all in; family, personal health & enrichment, life’s menial realities & then the myriad facets of my vocation! Put this way methinks I whine too much.
As Richard Bach said, obviously my mission here on earth is not complete because I am still alive. Hmm, just had a thought; how does Tiger Woods explain to his kids what went down, when the time comes. He was leaving some legacy there for a long while & now, while the performance legacy is still intact, he now is father to another legacy that is massive in the public psyche. We all have skeletons in our closets no doubt – I certainly have & it is up to us to manage those as they pertain to our way of being as athletes.
Anyway, this needed to be said in order for me to continue to develop a doable & still useful relationship with my blog. Perhaps a twitteresque approach might be best, where whatever the current high point is of what I am working on is briefly encapsulated in what is hopefully a provocative paragraph or two & then sit back & see if this is what you guys want – via comments or emails to my website,, & then make sure I answer your comments with ones of my own!


  1. Good idea Bobby . Give it a run at least and see what happens.

  2. Thanks Pete - then that's what I'll do. Currently tied up in creating a Boulder squad with strong run emphasis.

  3. Cool picture! I hope the trip went well. For the blog/twiter approach, sure keep it simple. No need to dress up good solid information. Make sense?